Sugar Glider Harness & Leash

Sugar Glider Harness & Leash
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- Keeps your sugar glider within arms length. 

- Attaches to your shirt with a clip (included) so that you feel more secure that your sugar glider will not jump off and injure itself.

- Harness is a figure "8" shape, with one loop that goes around the sugar gliders chest area, and a second loop that goes around the gliders neck.

- Both loops are adjustable, harness tightens from the chest area.

- Comes in a variety of designs (See: Additional Images)

How to use
#1 Slip loop ‘A’ over your sugar gliders head, behind the front legs. Loop ‘A’ will be around the chest, right behind the front legs. Make sure loop ‘A’ size can be changed with the movement of the lead. When leash tightens, it will tighten around the animals chest and not the neck.

# 2 Slip loop ‘B’ over the head of your sugar glider, and around the neck.

# 3 Use loop ‘A’ to tighten loop ‘B’ around the neck. NOTE: Do not tighten too tight around neck.

# 4 Place sugar glider on your upper torso and clip alligator clip onto your clothing.

CAUTION: Loop ‘A’ around the chest will tighten when the lead is pullen on by your glider.

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