Cat It Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain for Cats 2 litres

Cat It Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain for Cats 2 litres
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The Catit Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain’s provides the kind of clean, oxygenated water a cat needs. The fountain is designed with a raised, but slightly tilted angle so your cat or small dog has an easy time reaching the water source. The Catit Fresh and Clear Drinking Fountain comes with the first filter cartridge, additional filter cartridges are sold separately. The dual-function replaceable filter cartridge helps to collect debris, food and sediment. It also works to reduce bad tastes, odors and absorb impurities present in tap water. Keep several extra cartridges on hand to ensure that your pet is delivered a continuous supply of fresh and healthy drinking water. Cartridges should be changed as often as weekly with multiple cats or monthly with a single cat. Although the majority of pets quickly accept using the new fountain, some pets may be intimidated by the fountain at first. It is important to encourage your pet to drink from the fountain by removing other water sources for a limited amount of time. Your pet will become accustomed to the unit within a few days. It is imperative to monitor your pet’s use of the fountain at first to ensure that he or she is drinking to avoid dehydration.

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